The scripting engine for your iot projects

Build elegant applications that benefit from cloud scalability and javascript simplicity

IoT Cloud Scripting Platform for Developers
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The easiest way to build IoT applications

No hosting, no server management, no deployments, create your own APIs in minutes

Secure APIs

Communicate over SSL, and control access to your APIs through revocable keys.

Easily call any remote web service

Orchestrate & mashup third party web services into your APIs to use from your IOT device.

A simple url to call from anywhere provides you with a simple and secure URL to call from any device or platform.


Powerful Persistent Storage

Persist all your project's data into our easy to use and secure storage.

Push Notifications

Send notifications to any iOS or Android device through our easy to use Push Notifications API.

Scheduled Jobs

Schedule your scripts to run as background jobs on specific dates or recurring intervals.

Version Control

Connect your account to GitHub to benefit from its collaboration capabilities, version control and deployment management.


Allow your devices and scripts to exchange messages over public and private channels.


Allow your devices and scripts to communicate in a real-time fashion.

Hit the ground running

No need for infrastructure takes away the pain of managing servers and allows you to concentrate on what matters the most: your product.

Internet of Things Cloud Platform for Developers

No need to learn a new language

with you can start coding right away with JavaScript.

Build IoT Applications with Cloud Scripting Platform

Easy documentation and great support has great documentation that will get you started in no time. Our support team is an email away and happy to help.

IoT Javascript Cloud Platform
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