Do you support source code control?

We currently support GitHub, allowing you to safely store all your scripts in your own GitHub account. For further details, check our documentation.

Do you have any sort of Identity Management?

Of course we do! You can control who has access to each and every resource in your account. Use our friendly IDE to manage your devices and their tokens and to specify who can execute your APIs. For more advanced access management, you can use our identity modules userdevice and group inside your scripts in addition to our persistence modules to create your own access control lists to protect your data.

Do you support OAuth?

Yes we do, the APIs will be released soon.

Do you provide a visual programming editor?

Yes we do, we've integrated Blockly into scriptr.io's IDE, which is a visual editor provided by Google that allows users to write programs by simply plugging blocks together to create their applications or Web Services. Note that not all Blockly features are currently supported as it's still an experimental feature.

We also provide a state machine editor and a Google chart editor. Moreover, our open source libraries notably provide a full-fledged drag and drop dashboard editor, as part of a larger library of UI components.

Can I schedule scripts?

All scripts in scriptr.io can be invoked based on either a set timer or a cron expression. This allows you to run one-off background jobs or recurring actions. There is two ways to schedule scripts, either from the IDE or from a script.


Can I load custom libraries?

Yes you can, check out our JavaScript documentation for more details. In summary, you should be able to either create or import JavaScript modules and load them from another script using a simple require("moduleName").

How big can my project be and how many scripts can I create into my account?

You can create an arbitrary number of new APIs and scripts.

Do you provide a sophisticated database storage system?

Yes, we provide a secure NoSQL style document database with a complete panel of APIs to allow you to validate your data against a schema, persist and query it over multiple stores based on custom access control lists. Check our persistence modules for more details on how to use this feature: documentsstores and schemas.

How stable is your system?

scriptr.io is built over a battle hardened enterprise technology that is used by millions of users.

Do you support cross domain for web applications?

Yes we do, you just need to go to your account settings and provide a comma separated list of the domain names that your requests are issued from.

Why JavaScript?

With scriptr.io you can start coding right away with JavaScript, which has proven to be worthy on both the client and server side. The language has matured while preserving its flexibility and simplicity. This makes it an excellent choice for fast and robust developments.


Is it free, I see no payment methods?

We offer a free tier that allows you to discover scriptr.io, try most of its features and start building the next winning IoT application. We also have different production-oriented and Enterprise offers. Please contact us for all the details.

How much will it cost?

We will always provide a free entry-level tier. Please contact us for paid plans.


Can you guys help me build my application?

We can refer you to many partners who can help.

I'm interested in becoming an OEM/whitelabel partner, how can I do it?

We have a whitelabel program, please send us a message describing your product and we will take it from there.

How can we partner?

If you have a value-added service, please send us a message describing your product and we will take it from there.

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